Fences for Fosters

The best interim place for a dog or cat awaiting their forever family is in the home of a caring Foster Family. We need to make sure no Orange County Animal Services Rescue Partner ever has to turn away a loving and willing Foster Family because they lack a fence or cat playpen. Often, the cost is less than you think. The average cost range of temporary fencing or playpens is $200 to $500. Please help us supply Fences for Fosters!

Are you an Orange County Animal Services Rescue Partner in need of fencing for your Foster volunteers? Contact us at info@dogandcatfoundation.org or fill out our application.

In-kind donations are a great way to give! If you are a company who wants to contribute your expertise or supply renewable materials to our Orange County Animal Services Rescue Partners through the Fences for Fosters program contact us at info@dogandcatfoundation.org.

Adopt or Foster a dog or cat today by visiting Orange County’s Animal Services or by contacting one of their Rescue Partners.