Bookkeeping for Rescues

To successfully find loving forever homes for dogs and cats who have been abandoned, abused or surrendered, dog and cat rescue volunteers work tirelessly arranging, fostering, transporting and caring for those dogs and cats in need. Add to all that the task of bookkeeping. The Dog and Cat Foundation of Orange County Florida wants to help by matching potential bookkeepers with Rescues in need.

It’s our hope OCAS Rescue Partners working with bookkeepers will lead to more funds for saving dogs and cats.


If you are a CPA, accountant or bookkeeper who wants to help dogs and cats in Orange County by offering your time and expertise to registered Orange County Animal Services Rescue Partners, please contact us at or fill out our Application to Provide Bookkeeping Services.
We are very grateful for your interest in helping our community become a better place to live!

Rescues Who Need Bookkeeping Services

If you are an Orange County Animal Services Rescue Partner who needs help with your bookkeeping, please contact us at or fill out our Application for Rescues in Need of Bookkeeping Services and we will attempt to match you with a bookkeeper.

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