Saving More Dogs and Cats by Supporting
Orange County Animal Services and its Rescue Partners

Dog and Cat Foundation of Orange County, Florida believes responsible pet ownership creates empathy and an empathetic community is the best place to live.
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The Dog and Cat Foundation of Orange County, Florida was created to provide financial and administrative support to our Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) and their registered Rescue Partners. We applaud and recognize the emotional and difficult work they do daily to rescue homeless and unwanted dogs and cats and find them a forever home.

A community who promotes responsible pet ownership teaches empathy. Children and adults who feel and learn empathy create a stronger and kinder community. By strengthening the kindness we show our dogs and cats in Orange County we not only give every pet a loving forever home but we build a better community for ourselves.

We rely on your donations and your commitment to help. Contact us at or join our mailing list.

Adopt or Foster a dog or cat today by visiting Orange County’s Animal Services or by contacting one of their Rescue Partners.